Bell Thermal Consultants

Bell Thermal Consultants is a consultancy firm specializing in the analysis of components and systems for thermal systems.

We have experience with a wide range of numerical tools, and a few analytic tools have been developed by the proprietor Ian Bell.

Contact Us

Proprietor: Ian H Bell, Ph.D. (Curriculum Vitae, List of Papers)

Email: ian.h.bell@gmail.com

Phone: (845) 554-5575

About Us

Bell Thermal Consultants was founded by Dr. Ian Bell while finishing his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University in the Spring of 2011. The title of his thesis was “Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Liquid Flooded Compression in Scroll Compressors”. His research work focused a great deal on scroll compressors, a topic on which he is currently very well-versed.

List of Software

The following software packages have been developed by the proprietor Ian Bell as parts of consulting projects

  • CoolProp : An open-source, cross-platform, reference-quality fluid property database that mirrors many of the functionalities of REFPROP. The codebase is written in C++ and wrappers are available for Python and C#. A DLL is also available for calling from other languages. It is currently the only open-source package that implements the extended corresponding states model for transport properties.
  • PDSim : A flexible open-source framework for the quasi-steady modeling of positive displacement machines, including reciprocating, scroll, screw, rotary and other types of compressors and expanders
  • ACHP : A computationally efficient and accurate model for the quasi-steady analysis of air conditioning and heat pump systems.

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